Q.   Why are eggs brown or white?

Answer:  The color of the egg depends on the breed of the hen.  Typically a brown hen will lay a brown egg and a white hen will lay a white egg. It has nothing to do with the food they eat or the environment they are raised in.

Q.   Is a brown egg better than a white egg?

Answer:  Color does not affect egg quality, flavor, cooking characteristics, nutritive value or shell thickness.  When people have a preference for one color over the other it often goes back to the color of egg they grew up eating.

Q.   Why won’t my eggs peel easily when I hard boil them?

Answer:  Because they are fresh!  When an egg is first laid by the hen there Is a very small air space between the shell membrane and the egg membrane.  As the egg ages the air space becomes larger making it easier to peel.

Q.   How long will eggs keep?

Answer:  Fresh shell eggs can be kept refrigerated for at least 6-8 weeks. If left to sit out eggs will age more in one day at room temperature than in one week in the refrigerator.

Q.    Are eggs a good value?

Answer:  Yes!!  Consider this…A dozen large eggs weigh 24 oz. (1 ½ lbs) If large eggs cost $2.50 a dozen that is the equivalent of $1.66 a pound! What a deal for such a nutrient dense, low fat, tasty food!

Q.   How long has your family been in the “Egg” business?

Answer:  Since 1946!  George C. Devoid purchased the small farm, added a few hens to supplement his income as a school bus driver. He married a School teacher named Lois the following year.  The first eggs were delivered on bicycle along with cottage cheese and butter made by Lois with milk from their one Jersey cow.  Their son George E. and his wife Jackie now operate the farm along with their adult children,  the 3rd generation of Devoid’s on the farm.